July 10, 2024

“Resignation” has a dual meaning. It is a noun which defines an act of quitting, a formal notice in writing of relinquishment of some position or job and a patient submission, passive acceptance of reality. This precisely describes the Democrats’ frenzy about whether or not to dump President Joe Biden. They want Biden to resign but they are definitely not resigned to a second Trump presidency. Before the June 27 debate Democrats were united and energized by their fear and hate of Trump. He was the focus. Now Biden is the issue. It’s all about feelings versus reality – and remember, the Democrats are the party of “feelings.” There is a contingent of Democrats who are in denial, who refuse to accept that Biden is suffering from diminished mental capability, deem the debate just an off day, sympathize with the president’s plight, appreciate his persistent support of a Left agenda and are insistent that Biden can beat Trump. But that is unfair to the American voter. They should consider whether he is what’s best for the American people and not whether they will have jobs after November. They are loyal, the same way Trumpsters are. But a lot of them crave a Kamala Harris presidency. “What can be, unburden by what has been,” is a phrase she uses a lot. I still don’t know what that exactly means, but I guess it’s about hope and a positive future. The other faction is the realists, who watch the polls and comprehend that Biden’s cognitive issues translate into a diminished electability. In other words, they think he can and will LOSE to Trump.   “This is a really bad situation” for the party, said one Democratic Party source, indicating over 70 percent of Democrats want somebody else as their 2024 nominee. There will be a 2024 election for 10 CSB (school board) Members. Attached is a LIST of North/Northwest Side candidates. The CTU has endorsed 10; expect their puppets to win. Full Article...

July 3, 2024

Back in the day, long before identity politics, woke-ism and gender obsession, the U.S. Marines’ recruitment slogan was “We’re looking for a few good men.” Nowadays it would be “looking for a few human-persons of indeterminate gender with a pulse.” But the Cook County Democrats cling to the Marines’ tradition – or sort of. When it comes to slating candidates for countywide offices, particularly judgeships, they are looking for as FEW MEN AS POSSIBLE. Or, more specifically, for as few straight White me as possible. Of the 16 judicial contests on the March 19 ballot a White man was slated for — and won – two, and one of them was LGBTQ. There are three things to remember about Lady Justice: She is not blind, she can do arithmetic and she is not a Republican. And the sum total of judicial math in Cook County is a debit for straight White men, which has now grown to include Latino men. Whites need not apply. The results of judicial primary contests are in a CHART attached. Full Article...

June 26, 2024

History repeats itself and those who do not learn from lessons it teaches are doomed to repeat them. With the U.S. presidential election just over 4 months away the best precursor of the Nov. 5 Trump-Biden outcome can be found in 1892, with lead-ins of 1884 and 1888 and lead-outs of 1896, 1900 and 1908 as corollaries. The 2024 election and the election of 1892 has striking similarities: An ex-president who won a plurality of the 1888 vote but lost re-election was running for re-election in 1892 against an incumbent president whose incompetence was glaring, his popularity minuscule and whose stewardship of the economy was abysmal. Is there not a lesson here? Sort of like 2016, when Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump 65,853,614-62,989,828 but lost the EV 304-227. Harrison’s presidency was disastrous. In 1896 a Republican comeback seemed inevitable until populist William Jennings Bryan  burst onto the scene. Bryan’s “not crucify on a cross-of-gold” speech exhilarated farmers and workers and terrified the elites and power brokers. So is Trump in 2024 more like Cleveland or Bryan? His 2016/2020 vote rose from 62,989,828 to 74,223,975, his percent inched-up from 46.1 to 46.8, but the anti-Trump vote exploded from 65,859,614 to 81,293,501. That’s 16 million voters. So the better question is whether Biden is more like Harrison? If 2024 is a referendum, like in 1892, Biden loses. If 2024 is a choice, like in 1896, Trump loses. Either way, they are both too old for this … well, you know how that saying goes. Full Article...

June 19, 2024

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