September 27, 2023

September 20, 2023

It’s called “dissing.” That’s slang for disrespect. Among those in the gang culture the response could be a bullet in the head  or a drive-by. For the hapless band of 40 Republican Illinois state representatives it means looking for the nearest exit – as did House Republican leader Jim Durkin earlier this year when he resigned his seat. With 78 Democrats in the chamber, Republicans are “dissed” every minute of every session day. They are a bunch of Rodney Dangerfields. They get no respect. But being a doormat does have one consolation and that is the compensation, which was raised to $85,000 last January. So 85K plus a plethora of chairs makes being in Springfield 60-90 days per year a bit more tolerable. (CHAIRS) FOR EVERYBODY: Every House Democrat wants a $10,000 chair, and I’m not talking about a La-Z-Boy. They want a committee chairpersonship which pays an extra 10K and boosts their salary to $95,000. And they all get one. 45TH WARD: In an abrupt reversal, alderman Jim Gardiner has decided NOT to run for re-election as ward Democratic committeeperson, a post he won by 292 votes in 2000. Joe Cook, the 41st Ward committeeperson (D) whose Wildwood home was remapped into the 45th is running instead. Full Article...

September 13, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris says she is ready to be president should the situation arise because, like all of her 48 predecessors as U.S. vice-president, she “took an oath of office” in which she swore to be “ready.” The oath just says that she “will serve to the best of her ability” as VP, not that she is “ready” for any other office. The U.S. Constitution mandates that the VP becomes president if the office becomes vacant, or if the 25th Amendment is invoked, or the incumbent impeached. No specific VP duties are enumerated other than presiding over the Senate.  “Ready” is defined as prepared, unhesitant, clever and skillful mentally and equipped to act immediately. Harris says she is ready. But most of her 48 predecessors were definitely not that. The Democrats’ dream ticket would be Newsom-Obama, with the former First Lady for VP. The disaster ticket would be Harris-Buttigieg. Welcome  back, President Trump. Attached is a CHART detailing VPs who have been elected president, those defeated, those who succeeded/elected and those rejected. Full Article...

September 6, 2023

Call him the Orkin Man of Illinois politics. Governor JB Pritzker (D) knows pests when he sees them and is eagerly and gratuitously using some of his $5 billion fortune to exterminate them. In other words, fumigate the state and eradicate every one of those annoying Republican pests already bordering on the extinct. And also keep himself in power. Imagine the apocalyptic sputtering and livid outrage of the media and the Far Left if a billionaire Republican was using his money to exterminate “progressive” Democrats. They would wail that it’s a threat to democracy. But it’s quite OK if a billionaire Democrat spends his money to elect Leftist Democrats who will tax all those bloated capitalistic Republican billionaires. That’s “democracy in action,” they say. But don’t “soak” OUR rich. Of course any party in power tries to exterminate their political opponents. Trump did it. Biden is doing it. So JB Pritzker is doing it as well. Pritzker, age 58, is the epitome of pampered rich White privilege based entirely on his DNA. Attached is a fundraising CHART detailing the receipts of 30 candidates/committees for the 7-1-22 to 6-30-23 period. Note that JB Pritzker gave himself $62 million, which trickled-down to other Democrats. Those that have money will win in 2024 or later. Those that don't? They better get their butt in gear. Full Article...

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