December 28, 2022

The puny contingent of Republicans in the Illinois legislature are inconsequential in numbers, negligible in presence and laughable in future prospects. After the 2022 election there were only 59 Republicans in a body of 59 state senators and 118 state representatives. That’s exactly one-third of 177 members. To find any other state so lopsidedly Democratic one must look to CA, MA, VT, HI and RI where Democrats control 80-85 percent of the seats (see chart attached). Springfield Republicans are a nuisance, isolated to the side of each chamber  getting 2-4 minority members of 10-15 on various committees. They have no input. They have no legislative agenda. They have no record to run on. And the party nominates unelectable buffoons (like Darren Bailey) to run statewide highlighting their pro-gun, anti-abortion beliefs, dragging down some sensible Republicans. In 2022 11 Republican legislators bailed and 4 fiercely conservative incumbents defeated. Why bother anymore? Elsewhere in the Midwestern states it’s the Democrats who are the legislative nuisance – in IN, IA, WI, OH, MO, KY and KS, where Republicans hold commanding majorities of 60-75 percent. Full Article...

December 21, 2022

Second best is not the best, but in the upcoming 38th and 45th ward aldermanic contests it means being better – by getting more votes -- than all the rest. It’s all about being the runner-up on Feb. 28 so as to get into and win the April 4 aldermanic runoff. It’s also about transforming “low-information voters” into “high-information voters.  It’s often said that ignorance is bliss. The unfolding Chicago 38th and 45th ward races are all about who gets the biggest chunk of low-info voters while holding on to their already-committed high-info voters. It’s not about whether the wards’ controversial incumbents – Nick Sposato (38th) and Jim Gardiner (45th) – will get re-elected outright on Feb. 28.  Each has five opponents. Attached is a listing of Northwest Side aldermanic candidates. Full Article...

December 14, 2022

Democrats view Trump and Trumpism as a "threat to democracy," but Trump is more of a "threat" to Republicans than to Biden in 2024. A narcissist is defined as having an excessive interest in one’s own importance and abilities, and, psychologically, as a fixation on one’s own self. That defines Donald Trump. His fledgling 2024 presidential campaign will be disastrous for Republicans and would be certain to wipe out their tenuous 222-213 U.S. House majority. And he doesn’t give a damn. Trump is a pariah, much as Herbert Hoover was after the Great Depression. The 2022 mid-terms were an astoundingly underwhelming Republican victory, their only spot of cheer being Nancy Pelosi’s departure as speaker. They have a small foothold from which to launch investigations and harass the Biden Administration. A 2024 Biden-Trump contest would erase that.Republicans had been projected to pick up 26-30 House seats; instead they gained a net of 9. The Nov. 8 popular vote in House races was 54,466,587 for Republican candidates, or 50.6 percent, and 51,427,667 for Democrats. The 2020 presidential vote was 81,383,501/Biden to 74,223,075/Trump, a margin of 7,162,425. Attached is a chart detailing Trump's 2024 roadmap. Full Article...

December 7, 2022

“It’s despicable,” fumed Alderman Nick Sposato (38th) over the campaign run by Cynthia Santos, one of his 5 opponents next year. Despicable is defined as deserving to be despised, to be viewed with scorn, contempt and disdain. “Her workers lied about me and lied about my health,” said Sposato, who is wheelchair-bound due to multiple sclerosis. Sposato, age 64, added: “My mind is sharp, my staff is great (and) I am able to continue serving” as alderman.Martwick, meanwhile, is busily searching for “clarity” in the 38th Ward. There has to be some of that stuff somewhere, maybe at a pharmacy or through Amazon.There are 6 aldermanic races along the LAKEFRONT (wards 42/43/44/46/48/49) with 32 candidates running (and 4 open seats) and 6 races along RIVER NORTH (1/32/33/40/47/50) with 15 candidates (and no open seats). Attached is a Leftist Lakefront Voter Base chart. Full Article...

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