November 30, 2022

Intimidation is a powerful political weapon. It’s defined as the capacity to scare, to deter with threats (of losing), and to make rivals too timid to challenge. After 4 years as mayor, Lori Lightfoot has intimidated nobody. To be sure, the mayor postures as a bully, uses coarse language, and has delusions of grandeur, but the reality is that she is on her way to being a one-term mayor. It takes real effort for a Chicago mayor NOT to get re-elected. But Lightfoot has proven herself up to the task. She will follow Jane Byrne (1979-83) and William Dever (1923-27) into the history books. Congressman Jesus (Chuy) Garcia (D-4) will be Chicago’s next mayor. The upcoming 2023 municipal election will be about the proverbial P’s: Positioning, Personality, Policy/Performance, Petitions and Polling. Lightfoot is polling around 25%. Those are horrific numbers for an incumbent, beyond ominous. Incumbent retention means being at 40-48% 90 days out. She's on her way out. Full Article...

November 23, 2022

November 16, 2022

Republicans are fortunate that their party didn’t exist back during the Inquisition or the French Revolution. Those were extinction events, and the 2022 election results foreshadow that 2024 will be an one of those events if the Republicans foolishly nominate Donald Trump for president. For a large chunk of Americans, and now certainly a majority, voting Republican is blasphemy. In 2022, a whole lot of people on the Far Left believe that voting Republican is akin to self-genocide of self-respect and self-esteem, traitorous to their generation, gender, country and world. It would be the “End of Democracy,” fascism and the “End of the World.” It would be cultural blasphemy. An idiotic so-called historian even proclaimed that a Republican win would result in “killing our children.” Those on the Far Right are equally shrill, decrying socialism and the End of America as-we-know-it. So much for rational political discourse. I hope we’re not dusting off the guillotine. That was painfully evident in Illinois, where Republican performance was abysmal and Trump-endorsed Darren Bailey’s candidacy was an abject failure. He lost to Governor JB Pritzker 2,170,428-1,719,218, a margin of 461,210, and was such an anchor that Republicans LOST two state Supreme Court races, and LOST five Illinois House contests but no Senate seats. They are now in a 78D-49R House minority  and a 41-18 Senate minority. Full Article...

November 9, 2022

November 2, 2022

It is rare, but Trump finally got something right. Resisting his narcissistic and egotistic impulses, the ex-president understood that out-of-sight is out-of-mind. He did not announce his 2024 presidential candidacy before the Nov. 8 election. That would have been disastrous for Republican candidates, making 2022 “step one” in a 2024 choice between Biden and Trump. With Mar-A-Lago and “classified” documents out of the news until after Thanksgiving, and Trump pretty much not making a peep, the mid-terms are now a referendum on Biden’s half-term, and Republicans are peaking. Except of course in Illinois and around Cook County, where Republicans can’t differentiate a mountain peak from an anthill. ILLINOIS: In politics a do-over is different from a make over. A bad haircut can get a do-over. A bad heart surgery cannot get a do-over. Darren Bailey (R) cannot be done-over by a make over. He is way too “Trumpish” and too much of a country bumpkin for IL voters north of I-80, which is the entire Chicago metro area. Recent polls make Republicans wish for a primary do-over. Bailey is down 50-41 in an Oct. 24 Emerson poll, down 56-39 in an Oct. 26 Civiqs poll, and down 46-34 in an Oct. 11 PPP poll. Those numbers haven’t moved in 4 months. Bailey is proving to be a double-anchor. That’s not true. Abortion-on-demand through and at the moment of birth was legalized by state statute in June 2019. Federal law mandates private insurers provide abortion coverage in private hospitals. And the board is 15D-2R, so Podgorski’s election will change nothing. Nor will Trevor’s, but she will be a rubberstamp for board president Toni Preckwinkle. Full Article...

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