October 26, 2022

Where’s the gratitude from Democrats? No high-fives for Donald Trump. Because of the ex-president’s appointment of Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrats have a 2022 gift that just keeps on giving. Or maybe less so now. The June Supreme Court Dobbs decision abolished abortion as a federally-protected constitutional right. It did not  abolish the right to an abortion, subject to restrictions and exceptions, under each state’s laws. So why the frenzy from the Left? Because it is politically expedient and politically beneficial for Illinois Democrats to emulate the Chicken Little parable and repeat endlessly that “the sky is falling.” Abortion pro-choicers say it’s all about women’s “reproductive heathcare.” Of course it is. 55TH HOUSE DISTRICT (Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Morton Grove west of Harlem): This is Ground Zero in the 2022 abortion battles, but it really doesn’t matter. The Illinois House is 73D-45R, a super-majority which will not change appreciably on Nov. 8. The Republicans could gain 2-3 seats, but the 55th won’t be one of them. could win in 2026 or beyond.     ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT (2nd and 3rd Districts): Again, it really doesn’t matter. Democrats currently have a 4-3 majority and there is every expectation that it will grow to 5-2. The Democratic legislature redrew the 4 districts outside Cook County to give the 2 northernmost a decided Democratic lean while conceding the 2 southernmost to the Republicans. Cook County comprises the 1st District and it has, of course, 3 Chicago Democrats – a Black man and 2 White women. Full Article...

October 19, 2022

Forget about the Chicago Police Department’s “serve and protect” motto. With the creation of the new citywide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) and the eventual creation of 22 police District Councils (DC), the new motto will be “meddle and collect.” The civilian-led CCPSA will have broad powers, including the  ability to search for and screening of candidates for police commissioner – which may happen soon if Lori Lightfoot gets booted in 2023. The CCPSA was created by a City Council ordinance in July of 2021 and is now operational. The district councils will consist of 66 paid members collecting $500-a month, with 3 elected next Feb. 28 from each of the city’s 22 police districts in conjunction with the non-partisan municipal primary. The DCs will then elect the 14 CCSPA commissioners. A DC member cannot be on CCSPA and neither can be active CPD. The DCs will immediately politicize CPD operations. The popular term “gaslighting” comes to mind. It means the distortion or exaggeration of an issue by a politician for publicity purposes. And have no doubt that Chicago will have 66 more politicians after Feb. 28, that each will have either a pro- or anti-police agenda, that each will pander to their district base by MEDDLING in CPD affairs, that each will have ambitions and that each will use district councils as a platform to run for higher office or get re-elected in 2027.  Full Article...

October 12, 2022

There are two horrific words that no politician wants to hear. Step aside. After a lifetime spent clawing their way to the pinnacles of power, of believing themselves indispensable and irreplaceable, of being elite amongst the elite, of being the ruling class dedicated to “transforming” America, they know it must end, someday. That they must voluntarily step aside before voters involuntarily push them aside. But that will not happen anytime soon for a lot of aging politicians. There is enormous resentment and anger among the under-45 demographic, the so-called Gen-X and now Gen-Z born after 1985. To them everything in the country and the world is screwed-up so badly, almost beyond salvation. And they blame the “oldsters” who did it and yet continue to cling to power -- the so-called Baby-Boomers born 1946-60. “Experience” is simply an endless succession of stupid mistakes and poor judgments from which a person learns not to repeat them – and then doesn’t. As of mid-2023 I will have been filling-up this space in Nadig Newspapers for 50 years. That’s roughly 2,600 columns and 4 million words. As for STEPPING ASIDE, this columnist says NOT YET. Full Article...

October 5, 2022

In politics there are no BFFs, or Best Friends Forever. In fact, there are no friends, only temporary alliances based on expediency and momentary convenience. And certainly nothing lasts forever, as Alderman Nick Sposato (38th) has discovered to his chagrin. Sposato also discovered that hesitancy and indecision telegraph weakness, and that weakness telegraphs opportunity. Rich Bradley and Cynthia Santos, married to each other and residing a block away from Sposato, both are reportedly interested in his aldermanic seat. Only one will file during Nov. 21-28. Santos is presently a $123,000-a year board member at the state Pollution Control Board, which hears appeals from state agencies, and Martwick in 2022 sponsored her for reappointment  to a second 6-year term. Bradley, age 67, is the type of guy who always keeps his hand in the public trough. Maybe even both hands, plus maybe his feet. He had a mid-level job with the city’s  Streets and Sanitation, which he kept after being elected state rep in 1996 from a 33rd Ward-centered district, including south Albany Park and Ravenswood Manor, plus east of the North Branch of the Chicago River. Full Article...

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