December 23, 2020

It's all about the point of view. Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Is Speaker Mike Madigan (D) halfway out the door, or halfway in? Is a Madigan indictment in the federal ComEd case imminent, or has he dodged the bullet already? Or has he just delayed it until 2021? Is Madigan a leader who protects his majority? That is the Madigan point of view. Or is he a tyrant who is obsessed with control? That is the anti-Madigan POV. The Democrats lost four Illinois House seats on Nov. 3, but gained three, a net loss of one. Full Article...

December 9, 2020

I distinctly remember a post-election interview with the late Roman Pucinski (D), who had just lost a 1972 U.S. Senate bid by a staggering 1,146,047-vote margin to incumbent Chuck Percy (R). Fast forward to 2020: Sometimes you have to be realistic. The presidential election IS OVER. The latest tabulation shows a 81,283,443-74,221,660 Biden win, with 306 electoral votes. President Trump's lawsuits and/or recounts in PA, MI, AZ, NV and GA, with 69 electoral votes, are going nowhere. The U.S. Supreme Court must rule on any elector decertification by Dec. 14. Pennsylvania plus two other states have to switch. It is clear that God, or at least half of America's 160 million voters, have closed a door and it is not clear that there are any open windows left. Full Article...

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