December 18, 2019

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is one-eighth through her 4-year term, and the arithmetic is quite predictably on a subtractive, not additive trajectory. While not going downhill fast, Lightfoot is displeasing certain constituencies who will surely vent their displeasure in 2023. Lightfoot got 386,039 votes in the runoff, mostly anti-Preckwinkle,so that is her ceiling. She got 97.667 votes in the primary, so that is her base. Her goal is to add to her base and not subtract from her ceiling. But, according to Alderman Nick Sposato (38th), “most people I talk to are OK with her,” adding that they may “sometimes get upset” with her, but that the consensus is that “she’s still better than the alternative,” which is Toni Preckwinkle, who she beat with 75.7 percent in the 2019 runoff. “Give her time,” the alderman said.But some are already itching to give her the boot in 2023, when the election will be a referendum on her performance. The emerging 2023 candidates are Johnson, Gates, Reilly, Beale, Lopez, Ramirez-Rosa and Conyears-Ervin. Full Article...

December 11, 2019

An enduring Biblical adage avers that “blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed” A corollary political adage is that blessed are those who have somebody get them a whole bunch of nominating petition signatures, for they shall get on the ballot. As is now demonstrably clear, 2020 countywide Democratic candidates Kim Foxx and Mike Cabonargi are not feeling blessed. In fact, they’re feeling angry, paranoid and downright disgusted. Both were the slated candidates for, respectively, state’s attorney and Clerk of Circuit Court. Both were on the same nominating petition. Each gave the party $40,000 to get the necessary minimum of 7,279 signatures, as well as to be on the party sample ballot and have a countywide mailer. And both are now in serious jeopardy of being knocked off the March 17 primary ballot due to an insufficient amount of VALID signatures. The duo filed petitions with about 20,000 purported signatures. 7 candidates filed for the one state Supreme Court vacancy, with appointed justice Neville favored but facing tough competition from McBride, Harris and Reyes. Neville needs 2/3rds of the black vote and 10% of the white vote to win. 6 candidates filed for 2 Appellate Court vacancies, with Griffin and Ramos favored. Full Article...

December 4, 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly, with goodies under the Christmas tree. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Come January it will be the season of irritation, with mailboxes clogged with political crap and the medIa suffused political drivel. The 2020 primary is on March 17, and filing closed on Dec. 2. Here is a snapshot of what is to come. Tim Heneghan, John Arena, Joe Berrios, Luis Arroyo, Pat O’Connor and Proco Joe Moreno are out, and Jim Gardiner, Gil Villegas and Andre Vasquez are in as Democratic committeepersons, formerly known as committeemen. Rob Martwick is on the cusp, and could lose his appointed senate seat to Danny O’Toole. Anthony Napolitano may be the unquestioned 41st Ward boss if Bill Kilroy wins. Mike Madigan is meddling in the 20th House district, and has found a candidate to oppose Brad Stephens (R). Here's a list of candidates for Chicago ward COMMTTEEPERSON, and for STATE'S ATTORNEY, CLERK OF COURT, AND MWRD.Full Article...

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