October 18, 2017

"Irreconciable differences" is normally used as the pretext for a no-fault divorce. In the case of Chicago Ald. Nick Sposato (38th), it's the reason why he resigned as ward Democratic committeeman and bailed out of the Democratic Party. Of the 80 ward and township Democratic committeemen, Sposato fully understood that all but a handful are just ciphers -- toothless, powerless and ignored (like himself). Sposato resigned from the city council's leftist "Progressive Caucus" last year, and recently concluded that being a committeeman has "no power," that slatemaking is "a farce," and that the Democrats nationally and locally are "too far to the left." Replacing Sposato as 38th Ward committeeman will be State Rep. Rob Martwick (D-19) -- the Master Multi-tasker. In addition to his Springfield job, Martwick works for his dad's law firm, which specializes in property tax reductions, and has his own political consulting firm, which makes a bundle. He also has credible primary and election challenges in 2018. Sposato said he will seek re-election in 2019, and Martwick promises that he won't run against him. We'll see. Full Article...

October 11, 2017

Justice is supposed to be blind, but those aspiring to be a Cook County judge are neither deaf, dumb nor blind. The meek don't inherit a judgeship. Cunning and luck are required. Finding worthy 3/20/18 democratic primary concludes December for and the jockeying for 7 countywide vacancies, and at least 4 "late" vacancies is under way, along with 15-20 subcircuit vacancies. The democrats' slate is qoataized, which has spurred competing slates of blacks, women and former prosecutors. A black is running for 6, and a woman for 5 of the county slots. Victory in any judiciary primary depends not on qualifications, but on gender, race, ballot position, slating and Irish-surnames. The democrats will also have a "late slate," ranging the retirement of 3-5 judges around December 4, and then rushing replacements on the ballot, thereby eliminating competition. A turf battle is raging in the Hispanic 6th sub circuit, where local bosses Berrios and Arroyo have different forces. The race in the 10th subcircuit also looks complicated. Full Article...

October 4, 2017

Life, as well as politics, is full of "duds." In sports, a dud is a player who doesn't help his team win. In politics, a dud is a politician who doesn't win re-election to a second term. "Unfulfilled expectations" are usually the reason. If a candidate is elected to office on the basis of grandiose promises, or does not pass the "quality of life" test, they are gone. There have been a plethora of duds: Carter, Bush I, Walker, O'Connor, Rice, Clewis, Rittenberg, Stroger, Bilandic, Brraun, A Chicago alderman has $6.2 million at his/her disposal during the first term. There is no excuse for losing. Full Article...

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